Poly community emerging in South Africa

In South Africa, a country of 49 million, the poly community is growing. There is a comprehensive website for South Africans, and the community recently received some attention in the form of an article in City Press, a South African newspaper.

The article snags a few quotes from Capetonian polyamorists Arno and Christel Breedt, as well as Raam Naicker, moderator of South African online polyamory group Zapoly.

Naicker and Christel explain that there are no statistics on the poly community in South Africa, which is still somewhat hidden -- but the numbers are definitely on the rise.

Stories like this are important because, as Alan at Poly in the Media explains,

Modern, egalitarian, gender-neutral polyamory is a noteworthy introduction to Africa for its contrasts to traditional patriarchal polygamy, an ancient fact of life in many regions. South African President Jacob Zuma, for instance, has four wives. This is legal and is generally considered acceptable or only mildly embarrassing . . . South Africa is the only country on the continent with a visible polyamory movement as far as I can tell.

Read the whole thing at City Press.

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