Survey on Sex Professionals' Relationships

This was posted to a list I belong to. The relationships of sex workers and their partners are underrepresented and underresearched. Please help spread the word about this important survey:

This Survey on Sex Professionals’ Relationships is intended to explore the effects of being mated to someone who is a sex worker, a sexual energy professional, or a sacred sexuality practitioner. Please indicate whether you are a sexual professional in some capacity, or if you are the mate to someone who is. “Mate” simply means that you are in a personal intimate relationship with that person, regardless of how you define your relationship.

Note that “sexual professional” will be used to refer to anyone who engages in sex work, sexual energy, or sacred sexuality (where that work involves people besides a significant other), no matter what label is preferentially used.

The questions are designed to be neutral concerning who is taking the test, so both professionals and their mates are encouraged to answer all the questions.

Thank you in advance for your time. For more information, contact Inara at Temple Red Lotus.