Online Groups & Listservs

BD-SM Poly

CPN Poly/Mono
For polyamorous people with monogamous partners

For those involved or interested in polyamorous D/s, BDSM, and Master/slave relationships

Expansive Loving Polyamory Network
Spiritually / New Paradigm-inclined poly folk (also on Facebook under the same name)

Gay Poly (Male focused)

LiveJournal Polyamory Community

LovingMore LoveList

Polyamory Forum


For monogamous people with polyamorous partners

Polyamory Relationships

For people who are, have been, or wish to be in a polyamorous family of three or more adults (with or without children)

For those who practice or hope to practice polyfidelity

For individualists, Heinleiners, people who are politically incorrect and unafraid of offending or being offended

Women of Polyamory

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