Poly rumblings at Occupy Wall Street

As the Occupy Wall Street movement continues throughout the U.S., writer Rachel R. White took to Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan and talked to a few protesters about their non-traditional relationships. A six-person poly family were sharing a tent in the park. One member pointed out a shift in modern relationship rituals.

While polyamory might not be the norm, the group says relationships are changing for their generation. "Traditional courtship rituals are not financially possible -- for people here and for our generation as a whole," says Robert. "I've had more girlfriends in the past who I moved in with early on because it was the only thing that was economically feasible."

White also interviewed a married, monogamous couple who are trying to eschew the traditional facets of marriage. They believe communal living could provide the ideal environment for a relationship to thrive.

Catherine . . . hopes that the future of relationships includes a more communal style of living. "Nuclear families can be so isolating," she says. Sebastian points out that even if you believe in nuclear families, that model isn't looking sustainable . . . Living with other couples can provide the nonsexual benefits of polyamory -- you can have a support system while remaining monogamous, and passionately so.

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