Have you completed the polyamory and marriage survey?

Saturday, March 31 is the deadline for participation in the Loving More sponsored polyamory and marriage survey, which means there are less than two weeks left to submit you answers. The survey is meant to gauge how polyamorous people feel about marriage.

The survey is fairly brief and all responses will be kept confidential. No individually identifying information will be collected.

Take the survey here!

Take the polyamory and marriage survey

The media and academics always want to know how polyamorous people feel about marriage, but no research has been done on the subject. In the interest of learning more, Loving More has sponsored a polyamory and marriage survey, and they are hoping you will participate.

The survey was designed by Curt Bergstrand, Ph.D. (associate professor of sociology at Bellarmine University and co-author of Swinging In America: Sex, Love, and Marriage in the 21st Century) and Jim Fleckenstein (poly activist and researcher, co-founder of the the Chesapeake Polyamory Network). The aim of the research is described as follows:

This survey is the beginning of an ongoing research effort to gain information about the community of individuals who engage in consensual, non-exclusive intimate relationships, or who are philosophically open to doing so, regardless of their current relationship configuration. We undertake this effort in order better to understand this community, its beliefs, practices, and desires, and it's position within the larger mosaic of humanity.

With knowledge comes the ability to better serve this community, to better represent its interests in the public discourse, and to foster understanding, acceptance and non-discrimination in the wider world.

The survey is fairly brief and all responses will be kept confidential. No individually identifying information will be collected.

Take the survey here.

Loving More 25th Annual Polyamory Retreat

On September 9-11, like-minded poly people from around the country will gather at the Easton Mountain Retreat Center in New York for Loving More's 25th Annual Polyamory Retreat. Attendants are encouraged to swim, hike, hot tub, connect with nature, and connect with each other.

From opening circle to closing circle all workshops are done as a group to facilitate connection, community and learning. Loving More creates a safe welcoming environment in which to explore, communicate, play and find out what works for you and your partners. You choose your level of participation and take home lessons and connections that last a lifetime.

The basic retreat fee includes all meals, workshops, and use of Easton Mountain facilities. 175 acres provides ample space for camping, and there are a limited number of bunkhouse rooms/beds available for an extra price.

The early registration deadline is this Friday, July 1. Register here.

Poly blog magazine seeks writers and submissions

Loving More, a poly community organization and educational website, is looking for staff writers and writing submissions for the online revival of their historic magazine, PEP Talk. PEP Talk, which stands for Polyfidelity Educational Productions, is the oldest magazine in the world to explore multi-partner relationships. The new blog magazine will feature a vast array of writing on polyamorous issues. The call for submissions reads:

As always we welcome submissions for articles, poems, artwork and stories from anyone interested in writing . . . Special interests or subjects we are looking to cover include bisexuality, queer and poly, mono-poly, coming out, poly and aging, young and poly and any ideas you all have an interest in as long as it is relevant to polyamory and/or relationships. Personal stories of transitions, challenges, joys and relationship shifts are always welcome.

For more submission information, see Loving More's writer's guidelines. If you are poly experienced and interested in joining the writing team, contact the Executive Director and Managing Editor, Robyn Trask, at robyn [at] lovemore [dot] com, or call 970-667-5683.