Chicago People and Early To Bed


I am trying to catch up on blog posts, and I need to back track a bit. Last month, I went to Chicago where I spoke to a Human Sexuality class at Oakton Community College and taught Anal Sex 201 at Early To Bed (see photo above of me and store owner Searah Deysach). The college class was wonderful, taught by a professor I met at last year’s Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality conference in Indianapolis. I just loved the group I got at the Early To Bed class, they were so much fun. SerpentineLibertine and her friend came up to the front of the class to help me demonstrate anal sex positions, and they were so brilliant that I want to take them on the road with me so they can be models for all my classes. The Q&A period was lots of fun, with very advanced questions from “What’s the best position to have anal sex in when my legs are tied together?” to “Why do I always have to go to the chiropractor for an adjustment after I get fisted?” Serious stuff. I am still researching that second question. Luckily, I have an awesome chiropractor who I have no qualms asking. Stayed tuned for some insight.

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