Wisconsin is For (Cheese) Lovers

UVM Banner Promoting My Talk

After Chicago, I headed to Milwaukee where I spoke at the University of Wisconsin. When I first walked into the Student Union, I saw the biggest poster of myself I’ve ever seen (check it out above)!! The first night, I gave my talk “The Path to Sexual Empowerment” as part of the Union’s SexPo series. It was in a large ballroom with a stage, lighting, very fancy. The talk went really well, and I got great questions from the audience. Afterwards, we went out to sushi with some students and University staff members. Rebecca from the Union and Laura from the Norris Health Center were both wonderful. The next day, I gave a workshop on open relationships for a much smaller group. Neeve, an old friend (who I didn’t even know was in Milwaukee) showed up and we reconnected, which was great. I really love to see friends when I am on the road! I wanted desperately to buy tons of local cheese, but we had nowhere to put it, so I refrained. That night, I taught my Anal Sex 101 workshop at The Tool Shed, a hip, sex-positive sex toy shop; they have a space downstairs which looks like a 70s rec room: it was so groovy! I’m coming back in June, can’t wait…

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