My Day Off in St. Louis

I slept late for the first time in a very long time, then Kendyl, Mary, Colten, and I went to a crepe place for breakfast/lunch. Then, we went to the St. Louis Zoo in Forest Park. We wandered around and checked out all the animals. Here are some of my favorites (Colten took all the photos):

The Malayan Sun Bear

Mary and I with the elephant exhibit behind us

The Cheetah

We came home and decided to barbeque while Colten and Mary worked on a yard project and I played with their dog Emma.


After dinner, we sampled cupcakes from Kendyl’s favorite bakery, The Cupcakery. I got to try bites of several different kinds. The confetti (yellow cake with buttercream icing) was surprisingly angel foody. The lemon drop (a special that’s not on the usual menu) was amazing, especially the lemon cake. The peanut butter cup (chocolate cake with peanut buttercream frosting) was heavenly! In addition, Kendyl insisted we also try another dessert (from a different place), a special treat called sticky toffee pudding (which is actually like a cake not a pudding) that she loves. It was super sweet, but I admit I was distracted by the cupcakes.


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