More Tales From SF

When I was in San Francisco, I had lunch with Violet Blue and Thomas Roche. I haven’t seen Violet and just hung out with her in a long, long time. She’s just amazing. I am floored that she can be so relaxed about all the insane comments her San Francisco Chronicle column gets—those people are crazy. But, the non-insane among us know she’s doing so much to change people’s attitudes about sexuality through all her impressive work. What also impresses me is she is like a technology genius. She has all these fancy gadgets for her flickr, podcast, qik live streaming video, etc. I am just blown away with how tech savvy she is and totally intimidated!

After lunch, Thomas (an old friend and fantastic erotic writer), who heads up PR for, took Colten and I on a tour of’s new world headquarters at the San Francisco Armory. Damn! It is such an unbelievable space! Everywhere I turned I thought, “This is a kinky perv’s wet dream!!” It’s just awesome. I got to see various sets, the big props closet, the river that runs through the Armory (!), and a supply closet with more douches and enemas than a Rite Aid warehouse. It turned out that Adrianna Nicole was shooting for Ultimate Surrender during my visit—but we didn’t see each other, I just found out after the fact. Apparently, she won her match against Annie Cruz by like 600 points. Superstar!

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