Polyamory in Atlanta

A recent article in LGBT publication The GA Voice discusses the growing poly community in Atlanta. It profiles one poly relationship -- a husband (Billy Holder) and wife who decided to open their relationship.

After watching his brother go through a horrible divorce, Holder said the two sat down to discuss ways to not ever let that happen to them. The answer was to form a new way of loving — to be open and honest about other lovers . . .

Holder says he tried to have several monogamous relationships in the past, but he never felt quite right.

"For me, I always felt like something was missing. I felt like I was chained down," he said. "I had more love to give."

In an effort to bring together the poly community in Atlanta, Holder founded a poly meet-up group, which will host the very first Atlanta Poly Weekend this year, from March 25 - 27. The event will feature workshops, speakers, and bonding time for all attendees. This is a great step forward for Atlanta's poly community.

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