2011 World Polyamory Association Annual Conference

The World Polyamory Association is gearing up for its 2011 annual conference, which will be held July 29 - 31 at the Harbin Hot Springs Conference Center in Northern California. There will be a wealth of exciting activities to participate in, such as panel discussions, poly-tantra, and poly relationship commitment rituals. At this conference you can meet new friends and possible lovers, and converse with like-minded folks about poly issues.

Join us in an intensive, playful, entertaining, active, respectful, informative participatory sharing, learning opportunity for networking and celebrating polyamorous conclave consciousness for a weekend.

This year we move again into our favorite venue, Harbin's Conference Center. It's our private, gated, sex-positive celebrative community, complete with its own huge group room, breakaway areas, two hot pools and camping area. Harbin Caterers dish up yummy food. Camp, sleep in a group room or your RV.

Sounds awesome! The association is still taking applications for presenters, and tickets to the conference are sold on their website.


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