Poly Weekly podcast examines Charlie Sheen and reality TV

A recent episode of the Poly Weekly podcast tackled the theme of poly in the media. With all the hullabuloo about Charlie Sheen lately, along with the premiere of season two of Sister Wives, I found this topic very timely.

The podcast host, Cunning Minx, discusses whether the poly community should accept Charlie Sheen as one of their own, despite the fact that he is not "doing it terribly responsibly." She notes that in news reports surrounding Sheen's antics, the poly aspect of his life is sometimes "the smallest of his deviations from the standard," which could mean that polyamory is becoming more mainstream.

Cunning Minx also references this blog post about polyamory and Sheen, which has some advice for poly folks:

. . . we can set ourselves apart from this kind of thing [Charlie Sheen] by stressing at every opportunity the thoughtfulness, consideration, respect, communication, self-knowledge, and goodwill that are required to make polyamory work well. And by setting good examples.

The podcast also touches on the TLC reality show Sister Wives, which depicts one man and his four female partners.

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