Lionsgate planning reality show about swingers

Lionsgate Television, the company that created dark comedy Weeds, has a new project in the works. It's called Bedroom Community, and it's a reality TV show about suburban swingers. Notably, the focus will be on the swingers' day-to-day lives and their relationship dynamics, not what happens in the bedroom.

Producer Eli Frankel says,

The world of swingers is mythologized in American pop culture, but very few people outside of it have seen it . . . What we have seen on shows about swingers are primarily older hippies . . . What we found are elite groups of people in upscale communities who are good-looking and have money and access. That glossy version is much more interesting to watch.

Casting was a somewhat difficult process, Frankel explains, as he had to convince participants that the show would not be exploitative.

Lionsgate is currently shopping the project around to cable networks.

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