A “bipolyamorous love story” on AfterElton

A writer for AfterElton has shared the story of his best friend -- and their open marriage. This is a sweet and thought-provoking piece that serves as a reminder of how successful polyamory can be.

Kelly had long ago realized that monogamy was not for her. Of course that sounds like she laid down an ultimatum, which she didn't . . . As with so many things, we were completely in sync. Both of us felt that sex and love were not so inextricably intertwined as society says, and we agreed that it made the most sense for us to have an open relationship.

. . . For us, this worked very well. I would go so far as to say it made our relationship stronger. Anyone who knew us would tell you that we never fought. We didn't have to. If there was an issue with anything, we just talked through it.

Read the rest on AfterElton.

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