Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub’s non-traditional relationships

Movie producer Jerry Weintraub -- whose producing credits include The Karate Kid and Ocean's Eleven -- is becoming more and more open about his unconventional relationships. He has four children with his wife of 46 years, Jane Morgan, but he lives with his girlfriend of 20 years, Susie Ekins. Morgan and Ekins are good friends.

Weintraub's relationships are discussed in His Way, an HBO documentary chronicling Weintraub's career which was recently released on DVD. One hour and 13 minutes into the documentary, a title card announces,

Weintraub then explains how his arrangement came to be, beginning with the period when his relationship with Ekins was blossoming.

It was a casual relationship for a very long time because I was in love with Jane . . . I was torn up inside not because I was committing adultery, but I didn't want to hurt Jane and my children. Having said that, Jane said to me, long before I went to her, "if you have somebody else that you want to be with, I'm OK with that. I want you to be happy." So I went to Jane and I said to Jane, "I'm in love with somebody else." And she looked at me, and she said to me, "I know. And I know who it is."

A variety of big name actors -- George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt -- are interviewed as well, all acknowledging Weintraub's relationships. Weintraub's children also approve; his son, Michael, says, "As long as the three of you are happy with it, we'll figure out how we're gonna do holidays and move on."

The sequence ends with the following quote from Weintraub:

I believe it works because Jane is an incredible woman and Susie is an incredible woman. I got lucky twice.

Here's an interview Weintraub did with Jimmy Kimmel, which includes a clip from His Way.

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