World premiere of Yes, We’re Open this Sunday

A fictional film about non-monogamy will be making its debut this Sunday at the 30th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival -- and as the Centerpiece Presentation, no less! The feature film, Yes, We're Open, was written by H.P. Mendoza and directed by Richard Wong. It was filmed in just 16 days in the San Francisco Bay Area, and acquired post-production funding with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The synopsis:

LUKE and SYLVIA think of themselves as a modern couple -- always in the know and open to new experiences. Enter ELENA and RONALD -- a provocative polyamorous couple that challenge Luke and Sylvia's status in their circle of friends and with each other. With temptation around the corner, Luke and Sylvia must figure out where they really stand on love, sex, and honesty.

The premiere will take place at the historic Castro Theatre this Sunday, March 11th. Tickets can be purchased online here, where you can also read a more detailed synopsis.

Be sure to follow the film on Facebook and Twitter for info on future screenings.

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One thought on “World premiere of Yes, We’re Open this Sunday”

  1. This looks fun with a nice happy ending! You are bringing this to Seattle, right?… I mean we’ve got more poly people up here than you have down there by a LOOOONG shot!! Like a really LOOOOONG shot. :)

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