Stumbling upon polyfidelity in the South

Among many comments on a blog post called "If no one's being hurt, God's okay with your sexuality," gay Christian author John Shore found one that really intrigued him. It was from a woman in a relationship with two people -- thanking him for mentioning polyamory in his post. She wrote, "I didn't even know what that was, until I was in it." He responded by asking to interview her, and the interview was posted on the Huffington Post.

The three-person relationship came together slowly, the woman explains. She had just escaped an abusive marriage when she began spending even more time with her best friend and her best friend's husband. Falling in love as a triad was never on their radars, and they were all raised to believe that romantic love was a two-person deal. But the three realized they had feelings for each other, and after much discussion, they decided to enter into a relationship together.

Now they live together as a blended, polyfidelitous family with eight children. Unfortunately, they live in an extremely conservative, deeply religious, and considerably homophobic part of the South, where they stay in the closet to avoid discrimination. The woman explains the tough situation this way:

I love our life together. I love our big, happy home. But I do not love the fact that I live in a community that would rather me live as a struggling single mom to four children than to have the support of two adults who love me dearly as a life partner. The fact that my community would believe wholeheartedly that my sexual relationship with my abusive ex-husband was righteous but that my sexual relationship with two committed life partners (if they knew about it) is unrighteous, just seems so hypocritical.

Be sure to read the whole interview on the Huffington Post.

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