The Righteous Harlot opens up

Writing for the new community blog Awesome Women of Twitter, The Righteous Harlot — whose personal blog features the tagline the messy back end of an open relationship — contributed a post entitled "As In, To Swing?"

It's a sort-of run-down of how she came to be in an open relationship with her partner, Virgil (she doesn't really identify as a swinger). She also includes some of the lessons she's learned so far about being open:

If you're going to be happy in an open relationship you have to be open to more than just your partner having sex [or relationships] with other people. You have to be open to life and to allowing lots of things to be fluid and less certain. This is probably the hardest bit, to be honest.

You also have to sort your shit out and work out what you actually want from your relationships rather than what society has taught you is your right to expect.

Don't give a shit about other people and what they might think. A lot of people will have a pretty simplistic knee-jerk reaction to the idea. It’s your life. Make your own choices.

Read the rest at Awesome Women of Twitter.

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