Montreal triad featured in The United Church Observer

A happy triad family from Montreal was profiled in the May 2012 issue of the United Church Observer, a magazine serving Canada's largest Protestant denomination, the United Church. The triad includes John Bashinski, a spokesperson for the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association (CPAA), and his partners "Blue" Joyce and Warren Baird. They are raising a daughter named Kaia.

Bashinski was in a monogamous marriage for 20 years before moving from the U.S. to Montreal, where he met Blue and Warren -- and entered into a much happier partnership with both of them.

Egalitarian, secular and non-institutional, the family’s relationship is founded on the personal freedom of each of the three partners, he says. All three adults see other lovers outside their primary unit. Weekly, the partners also rotate on date nights, a two-adult romantic evening, while the third does childcare. It’s just your average three-parent “open” relationship, in other words. Bashinski reports they’re very public about it yet never harassed in their progressive, family-oriented neighbourhood.

The article also discusses the British Columbia Supreme Court decision last year that upheld Canada's anti-polygamy law. As part of the CPAA, Bashinski was one of the people who testified in favor of egalitarian multi-partner relationships.

Read the rest at the United Church Observer.

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