A mutual girlfriend in new Oliver Stone movie

It's a big deal when a mainstream movie depicts a non-monogamous relationship. That seems to be the case with Oliver Stone's upcoming film Savages, in which the girlfriend and narrator (played by Blake Lively) is dating two men who run a profitable marijuana enterprise.

Savages is mostly a cut-throat crime thriller about what happens when the girlfriend gets kidnapped, but the element of a non-monogamous relationship is certainly not ignored. In the trailer, the relationship dynamic is revealed around 50 seconds in, as Lively clarifies in voice-over, "and yes, I'm with both of them."


The folks behind Modern Poly have created a Facebook event inviting non-monogamous people and allies around the U.S. to attend midnight screenings of the film on Thursday, July 5th. They muse:

How will they treat their relationship? Is it as copacetic between the 3 of them as it looks? Will they kill off one of her partners halfway through in a fit of jealousy? Will there be a hot 3 way makeout between all 3? Will they all end up together? How will it change the public face of polyamory as a major mainstream motion picture?

We have no idea, but we know one thing: We all want to be there when the movie premieres so we don't miss a second of what follows after. And we want you to be there with us.

Check for showings in your city on IMDB.

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2 thoughts on “A mutual girlfriend in new Oliver Stone movie”

  1. I read the book, and they deal with it very little in the book. But the entire plot is based on the deep love these three share. If you are looking for romance, you are going to be disappointed, but its nice to see a book where the central tenant of the relationship between the characters is non-monogamous.

    The three characters each compliment each other, and the two men are bound together for their love of each other and the woman.

    The book reads like a movie script and you can probably finish it in a day or two, worth picking up before you see the movie.

    spoiler alert:

    the book doesn’t have a happy ending.

  2. Also read the book and now working on the prequel, The Kings of Cool. I haven’t seen the film yet, but there is a threesome with a DP in the book. I’ve seen clips from the film and as I recall, the antagonist tells the kidnapped girlfriend that the men will never love her as much as they love each other as brothers, otherwise they wouldn’t be willing to share her. Great characters, though. Nice to see a female character so sexually liberated.

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