How to support your partner when they have a baby

More than Nuclear is a blog about polyamory and parenting, written by a poly woman named Freja who gave birth to a daughter about a year ago. The entire blog is fantastic, but the recent post "5 tips for supporting your partner when they have a baby (and it isn't yours)" is especially awesome.

The tips are pretty straightforward -- like offering to change diapers, cook food, and help with household chores -- but all of it comes together to ensure that everyone contributes and bonds as a family. Freja writes,

It's not easy to predict how the recovery will affect the intimacy between you and your partner, even if your partner isn't the one recovering from the birth. The first few weeks are overwhelming, but it will get easier. There is a reason everyone tells you that they grow up so fast. It's a cliché, but they really do. It may seem almost impossible for you to find space to be with your partner now, but things will change incredibly quickly. The two of you can find a way to reconnect, but you'll need to be patient and gentle with the parents, and don't push it.

Read the rest on More than Nuclear.

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One thought on “How to support your partner when they have a baby”

  1. Freja’s writing is fantastic. She has opened my mind to new points of view and ways of thinking, plus has given me a fantastic insight into the world of the poly parent. I’m so glad that her blog is finding a wider audience :-)

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