Production company looking for poly folks

A casting call posted on reality TV show casting website Reality Wanted is asking for polyamorous folks in relationships.

Are you currently involved in a polyamorous relationship? Are you a man or woman with a unique story on how to found polyamory and what it has done for you life? Are you new to the polyamorous community or been in it for some time and open to sharing your story? Maybe you attend poly parties in hopes of expanding your relationships? Do you and more than one spouse live and raise a family all under the same roof?

LA based Production Company seeking men and women who are currently engaged in committed relationships with multiple partners.

There isn't any other info available. You'll need to get an account at Reality Wanted to apply. The deadline is September 30th.

If you are interested in participating in further media events or want guidance on how ensure a fair portrayal of yourself, be sure to check out the Polyamory Media Association.

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