Poly man helps others realize their potential

Robert McGareyThe University of Texas at Austin's student magazine, Orange, recently featured a profile of Robert McGarey, an openly poly man who founded The Human Potential Center in Austin in 1986.

While studying for his master's degree in humanistic and transpersonal psychology, McGarey faced difficulty explaining his ideal relationship structure to girlfriends. He spent a few years working for a computer firm, but felt he was destined for something more.

After a dream spurred him to move to Austin, he founded The Human Potential Center, a non-profit organization focused on helping people become more empowered, loving, and "vibrantly alive." The organization hosts movie nights, meditation sessions, potluck dinners, and more.

McGarey recalled a particularly moving memory he had from a recent outing hosted for poly individuals, where they asked everyone to map their intertwining relationships on a large sheet of butcher paper. "It looked like spaghetti all over the page, but then you realize that, in most cases, these are all loving, honest and committed relationships," McGarey says. "And to me, that's beautiful."

McGarey lives in Austin with his three long-term "sweeties."

Read the rest at Orange.

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