Gay porn studio owners enjoy domestic bliss

New York Magazine recently published their Sex Issue, which contained an article about three men in a relationship together. Calling themselves a "throuple," Benny, Jason, and Adrian have been together for four years and run the gay porn studio CockyBoys.

The arrangement began after Jason and Adrian had been together for nine years, when Jason had a fling with a guy he met named Benny. A threesome came next, then a sexual relationship, and finally shared love between the three. Now, they live together and enjoy a domestic home life that most would not expect from the owners of a gay porn studio.

Author Molly Young, whose portrait of the men is quite thoughtful, spent enough time with them to observe just how successful their relationship is.

Still, the impression I have from spending time with Benny, Jason, and Adrian over the past months is that the men are glisteningly, boringly happy. This seems to be the consensus. "No matter how hard I try, I can't wrap my head around it," says Paper’s Elliott. "It's amazing. It's modern. There's nothing sensational about them -- the relationship isn't theater. It just works." Maybe the best way to understand how a throuple functions -- or at least how this throuple functions -- is to imagine a healthy couple, then factor in the sexual variety of a third partner, and then factor in the stability of a third partner. It's strange but true: In tripod manner, a third leg appears to be a good method of favorably distributing tension.

Read the rest at New York Magazine.

Gay and poly in Manhattan

A gay triad is the subject of a new short documentary from producers Nilo Tabrizy and Suvro Banerji. Entitled Polyamorous Relationships in New York City, the 6-minute film profiles a closed triad of three men living in Manhattan (and squeezing into a queen-sized bed, no less!). The men have been together for two years, after married couple Franco and Mark met and fell in love with Vinny.

The documentary features footage of the men at home and around New York City, interviews with the triad about the multiple layers to their relationship, and an interview with research scientist Gilles Herrada.

A text description of the documentary, with many quotes, can be found on Out. also wrote about the documentary, explaining why there's a rift in the LGBT community when it comes to relationships like this one:

Some gays are simply uncomfortable with this notion -- much like many heterosexuals -- and either don't understand the concept or simply reject it. Others in the LGBT community get angered when they hear about these relationships, thinking it's politically bad for gay people and reinforces stereotypes that we're a deviant subculture. Still other gay men have a "live and let live" philosophy towards polyamory, or feel that because we're already considered outsiders and sexual outlaws in mainstream society that we have the right and responsibility to not play by society's rules.