Wisconsin is For (Cheese) Lovers

UVM Banner Promoting My Talk

After Chicago, I headed to Milwaukee where I spoke at the University of Wisconsin. When I first walked into the Student Union, I saw the biggest poster of myself I’ve ever seen (check it out above)!! The first night, I gave my talk “The Path to Sexual Empowerment” as part of the Union’s SexPo series. It was in a large ballroom with a stage, lighting, very fancy. The talk went really well, and I got great questions from the audience. Afterwards, we went out to sushi with some students and University staff members. Rebecca from the Union and Laura from the Norris Health Center were both wonderful. The next day, I gave a workshop on open relationships for a much smaller group. Neeve, an old friend (who I didn’t even know was in Milwaukee) showed up and we reconnected, which was great. I really love to see friends when I am on the road! I wanted desperately to buy tons of local cheese, but we had nowhere to put it, so I refrained. That night, I taught my Anal Sex 101 workshop at The Tool Shed, a hip, sex-positive sex toy shop; they have a space downstairs which looks like a 70s rec room: it was so groovy! I’m coming back in June, can’t wait…

Chicago People and Early To Bed


I am trying to catch up on blog posts, and I need to back track a bit. Last month, I went to Chicago where I spoke to a Human Sexuality class at Oakton Community College and taught Anal Sex 201 at Early To Bed (see photo above of me and store owner Searah Deysach). The college class was wonderful, taught by a professor I met at last year’s Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality conference in Indianapolis. I just loved the group I got at the Early To Bed class, they were so much fun. SerpentineLibertine and her friend came up to the front of the class to help me demonstrate anal sex positions, and they were so brilliant that I want to take them on the road with me so they can be models for all my classes. The Q&A period was lots of fun, with very advanced questions from “What’s the best position to have anal sex in when my legs are tied together?” to “Why do I always have to go to the chiropractor for an adjustment after I get fisted?” Serious stuff. I am still researching that second question. Luckily, I have an awesome chiropractor who I have no qualms asking. Stayed tuned for some insight.

Awesome Party! Awesome Party!


The party was a great success! Before 7 pm, when it was supposed to start, there was actually a line around the block. We were all amazed, and the turn out exceeded our expectations. Both floors of Happy Ending Lounge were packed. There were so many people there that I felt like I had like one half of a 30 second conversation with over 400 people, which was a little overwhelming. The literati and sexerati were out in full force. I got to see one of my idols, Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity, who blurbed my book. Audacia Ray of the new Village Voice sex blog Naked City was there, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Helen and Betty, 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up and burlesque performer Justine Joli. I also spotted Jefferson, Tracie of Jezebel, Barbara Carrellas and Kate Bornstein, adult performers Alexandra Silk and Luc Wylder, Sirius radio host Diana Cage, Wil and Papi of Morty Diamond’s new movie Trans-Entities, Jacq from Sugar in Baltimore, Lolita Wolf, Lux from Fleshbot and Boinkology, Funky Brown Chick who blogs for Nerve, Scott Brown from Entertainment Weekly Viviane, and many more!

Due to the size of the crowd, we were unable to show the preview of Chemistry 4: The Orgy Edition, my reality porn series for Vivid in which Mark and Patricia make a guest appearance. The club managers were concerned that we would be creating a fire hazard if we played the clip and everyone came upstairs. They didn’t want a riot on their hands! I am working on getting it up online so you can still see it. Obviously, it’s been a week since the party, and I have lots to catch up on, so more later, I promise.