Tristan on the Michael Baisden Radio Show!

On Thursday, June 9, Tristan will be appearing on the Michael Baisden Show talking about her book, Opening Up, and the ins and outs of open relationships! The show topic is "Forsaking All Others: Is monogamy for everybody? Or should an open relationship be an option?", and hosts Michael Baisden and George Willborn are going to be exploring a variety of perspectives on non-monogamy. You can listen to the show on over 70 stations across the US (the full listing is here) or listen in, live or recorded, at the show website.

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One thought on “Tristan on the Michael Baisden Radio Show!”

  1. You finally said what I have been saying for YEARS! I was VERY impressed! I hope EVERYONE reads the book, if for nothing else, to DEFINE themselves and live in truth!

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