Play about an open relationship premieres this week in Ottawa

The Ottawa Fringe Festival starts this Thursday and runs through June 26th. One of the plays, entitled Complex Numbers, deals with open relationships. Complex Numbers is written by Nadine Thornhill and directed by Ken Godmere of Silent QUEMB Productions.

The play is described as "an unconventional romantic comedy about making love work." Thornhill was inspired by Opening Up and strove to depict "an honest yet positive story about an ordinary couple that have chosen to open up their marriage." The synopsis reads:

As a mathematician, Fiona knows how to find answers for complicated problems… except when it comes to her relationships. As she tries to solve the equation of first dates + kinky sex + commitment, she learns that the best solutions aren't always the obvious ones.

Go check out Complex Numbers at the Ottawa Fringe Festival!

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One thought on “Play about an open relationship premieres this week in Ottawa”

  1. Dear Tristan,

    I am a huge, HUGE fan! I clicked over here during one of my regular visits to your site and I swear I just about fainted when I saw this post! Thank you so much for taking the time to promote our show and for inspiring my writing with your incredible work!

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