When speaking up is worth it

Have you ever listened to others discuss polyamory disparagingly and wanted to speak up? On Good Vibrations Magazine, Jezebelle Jay has written a personal account of what she did when this happened to her. At a potluck with some coworkers, she hears her boss and one of her coworkers talking about one of their clients, who is polyamorous.

My coworker stated, "My understanding is that it's much more prevalent in the Bay Area than ever before." My boss chuckled and stated, “I just don’t get why a person who cannot handle one relationship well thinks they can handle more than one relationship at all!” She went on to name fear of commitment and lack of communication skills as this client's issues . . .

I was so torn. Because it was MY lifestyle they were talking about, I felt constrained, the tension building, I wanted to give them the input from a direct source that might help them understand me and others better. I wanted to share the abundance of the life I have chosen and how these choices could actually be healthier than relationships that end up in divorce or affairs. However, I was not ready to out my personal life to my boss. I was just too worried that she would judge me.

So I kept my mouth shut. Until my boss stated, "I just don’t understand what their children must think." Oh my goodness. I could not restrain myself any longer.

By calmly explaining her opinion, Jay is able to articulate to her boss why children in polyamorous homes do just fine. Thankfully, her boss begins to understand.

Jay's experience is a reminder of how powerful it can be to voice your opinion. Read the rest on Good Vibrations Magazine.

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