NYC Poly Pride Weekend approaching

From Friday, October 7th through Sunday, October 9th, Polyamorous NYC is hosting the eleventh annual Poly Pride Weekend. So far, the list of festivities includes a rally in Central Park, a Super Massive Cuddle Party, and an Infinity Party.

In an email blast sent out a few days ago, Justen M. Bennett-Maccubbin wrote about the first ever Poly Pride rally, held on September 15th, 2001.

The city was in chaos. The entire country came to a halt. What purpose did an event about self-respect in a sexual identity with flamboyant drag queens and various forms of light-hearted entertainment have in a city just days after almost 3,000 of its citizens were killed?

. . . The original purpose of the event for that year shifted completely from one of cheerful celebration to somber communion. Vince, one of the planners brought little American flags to put in the ground around the stage, and many of the acts changed their tone.

. . . In times of great sorrow association can be a powerful defense against pain. At that moment we needed to be surrounded by friends, families and lovers. The turn out of the event demonstrated that Polyamory is about alot more than simply the freedom to have multiple partners. It's about compassion and companionship. Empathy and understanding. Courage to live differently and strength to live honestly.

. . . Today we look back and realize if this event survived through 9/11 and is still around 10 years later, then there is probably not much that we can't get through.

Polyamorous NYC is still on the look-out for volunteers, speakers, and entertainers for this year's Poly Pride Weekend. They can also be followed on Twitter.

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