Female boxer: polyamorous?

Listening to Weekend Edition on the local NPR station today, I heard an interesting piece, "'I Am A Boxer': Fighter In The Ring, Lady Outside It," about female boxers who hope to make the U.S. Olympic Team for women's boxing. The first woman profiled was Bertha Aracil, a 29 year old amateur boxer. Talking about Aracil, reporter Marianne McCune said this (emphasis mine):

When I met her she was living in a basement apartment in the Bronx with a man and a woman she called her husband and her wife. They were cooking for a band of nieces, nephews, and sisters, part of a big family of Cuban immigrants. Aracil is 5'9" with jeans, boots, she says that her many tattoos tell the story of who she is.

Whoa, what? That's right. Not only was Aracil clearly open about her nontraditional and nonmonogamous (polyamorous?) relationship, but the NPR reporter treated it as completely ordinary, just part of the profile. Unfortunately, this little item is missing from the written piece on npr.org, but you can download the audio of the segment here.

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