Want to be in a potential second season of Polyamory: Married & Dating?

Natalia Garcia (center) and the season 1 quad

Showtime has yet to make a decision on whether they'll renew Polamory: Married & Dating for a second season, but show creator and director Natalia Garcia is hoping to recruit and interview more poly families just in case. Here is the bulk of her call for interested folks, posted in various places online:

I'm reaching out in hopes of speaking with poly families interested in possibly sharing their story with me. I'm looking for polyamorous families that are charismatic, healthy, active; can be unmarried but practicing poly (don't all have to live together); bisexuality is welcome in both male and female partners; and are open to sharing all aspects of their love lives. Families in Canada are welcome as well.

As I think you have seen, I am a person of integrity and my intent is to portray polyamorists as loving, mature adults who are capable of carrying on multiple loving relationships in a world that has programmed us for monogamy. I've had so many people reach out to me, mono people struggling in their relationships telling me the show changed their lives for the better. Despite what Dr. Drew said, I believe 100% that Polyamory is a sustainable way of living -- and I would like to continue the pro-Polyamory conversation in the mainstream.

Alan M. also did an interview with Garcia asking about the show's performance. Showtime was very happy with the series, she explains, and it did very well, especially for a new series with barely any promotion. She also elaborates on what she's looking for as she moves forward in finding more families:

I would like to add some parameters of the families I'm looking for: 25 to 50, camera friendly, and open to letting us into the bedroom. All male, all female, V's -- all poly formations are welcome. They should have or try to watch the series to understand what would be expected of them. Also, if people could send a picture when they inquire, that helps me keep track of everyone -- and there's a lot people to keep track of!

Garcia asks that anyone interested email her at natstertv [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Poly reality show wraps; stars grace Dr. Drew and radio

The poly community has been anxiously following the reality show Polyamory: Married and Dating since it premiered on July 12th on Showtime. Many folks have written posts and reviews of the show. Now, the seven-episode-long season has concluded, the last of the recaps are being written, and the stars of the show are hitting the media circuit.

Alan M. wrote about episodes 4 and 5, episode 6 (which he called "the best, most serious, most moving episode yet"), and the final episode. Modern Poly has continued publishing recaps as well. Alan sums up his feelings about the show succinctly:

My own view remains that for all the imperfections and humanity of the cast, the show is the best thing that has happened for public understanding of polyamory in ages.

The San Diego quad (Kamala, Michael, Jen, and Tahl) even made an appearance on the Dr. Drew Show, which thankfully didn't go as badly as expected, while two members of the triad, Anthony and Vanessa, were interviewed for the Polyamory Weekly podcast as well as on KPFA public radio.

You can follow the show on Facebook and follow the quad on Facebook to keep track of upcoming appearances. It is unknown whether the show will be renewed for a second season.

Poly makes the rounds in Irish press

Polyamory has been the topic of choice in a couple recent articles in Irish newspapers and magazines. The first piece, published in the Herald of Dublin, asks, "Is this the end of fidelity?" The article ponders whether the Irish can accept a concept as progressive as polyamory, and interviews a young poly woman named Alison who does a great job of debunking myths and clarifying confusions.

Hat tip to Randy, organizer of a Dublin poly group, for alerting Alan at Poly in the Media to the second story about three poly folks in the Irish music-focused magazine Hot Press. The article is not available online, but Alan published scans that are available below.

The three subjects -- Ariel, Maki, and Aoife -- talk in depth about communication, crafting the relationship they want, trans and queer identities, jealousy, safe sex, and discrimination in Ireland.

"In polyamory there is no real standard model of relationship," says Maki, "so rather than have any kind of unspoken ideas of what the relationship should be, you really have to communicate — to work out what the relationship is going to be."

. . . Aoife agrees. "Obviously it's nice to have the option to have lots of lovely relationships with more than one person and that's great! But for me, as somebody who has been in poly and mono relationships, one thing that comes through is that we're making it up as we go along. We create the relationship to suit ourselves. Not in a selfish way, but we build a relationship together."


Alan M. on where polyamory’s headed

Alan M. of Poly in the Media gave the keynote speech at the Poly Living 2012 conference in Philadelphia, and the full text is available on Alan's blog. Entitled "Busting Loose: Polyamory in the Next Five Years," Alan's speech details all the recent wins for the poly community, citing positive news stories as indicative of a shift in the public perception and media portrayal of poly folks.

For instance: Unlike in previous cheating-politician scandals... (laughter)... the Newt Gingrich open-marriage episode two weeks ago became a vehicle for major media attention to good open and poly relationships, contrasting with how Gingrich did it . . . Representatives for poly done well are suddenly in demand to I think an unprecedented degree.

. . . Our own presenters Anita and Tim Illig and Michael Rios and Sarah Taub here this weekend were riding this wave last night on the Channel Seven news in DC, representing us and our values just beautifully.

. . . Other milestones in the last month or so: In the space of one week, we saw poly triad families, each with a kid, profiled positively on ABC's Morning Edition, Nightline, and the National Geographic Channel. More and more of the public is getting acquainted with what multi-partner families actually look like. We are becoming more familiar; on the way to being normalized.

That same week, we also saw a broadcast-TV drama, ABC's "Private Practice," present a fictional polyamorous triad family — explicitly called that by name, so viewers would be sure to get it -- treated so well, and at such length, that it reminded me of the first breakthrough shows treating gay characters with understanding and respect.

. . . we've by and large successfully represented the modern polyamory movement to the public as what we know ourselves to be: ethical people who care deeply about good relationships -- smart, verbal, interesting, friendly people -- nonthreatening and respectful of all well-considered relationship choices, monogamy included — and by and large just kind of adorable. Every year we are better entrenching this public image, firming up our defense against future moral panics.

Alan's keynote goes on to explain how poly culture could influence the direction and survival of Western civilization 150-200 years from now. In all, it's a refreshingly optimistic speech. Read the whole thing here.