Polyday 2012 is two weeks away!

Saturday, June 16th marks this year's Polyday, an annual one-day event in the UK. The event will be held at Dragon Hall, a community center in Central London. The day will begin with workshops and discussion sessions relating to non-monogamy, and in the evening, there will be music and socializing.

One of the organizers describes the event as follows:

Polyday is a one-day annual event where we get the chance to celebrate polyamory, and bring together our ever growing community. There will be a day of workshops, and an evening of chilled out socialising in a safe, comfortable space. It's an opportunity to be yourself without worrying about answering awkward questions about your relationships. You get the chance to meet a whole variety of poly people, find out how they do poly, and share the tales of your own adventures in the exciting lovescape we inhabit. It’s a great experience whether you’re new to polyamory, or a weathered old veteran of ethical non-monogamy.

Find out more at the Polyday website. Tickets are £15 can be purchased online.

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