Participate in Poly Party Weekend!

Need an excuse for a party this month? Look no further than Poly Party Weekend! For one weekend (or thereabouts -- June 15 through 17th), the organizers invite you to throw or attend a party celebrating polyamory. After last year's successful 16 parties, Poly Party Weekend is hoping to break their own record.

"Party" is a loose term and can encompass anything: a backyard barbeque, a game night, a picnic, a play party, a coffee house discussion group... whatever. As long as it brings poly folks together, it counts! Best of all, once you submit your event to the Poly Party Weekend website, it will be reviewed and approved for all to see.

Or, if you'd rather just attend someone else's shindig, check the listings on the website for local parties. Right now there are events listed for New Hampshire, Georgia, North Carolina, and Washington, as well as international parties in Winnipeg and Toronto.

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