Want to be filmed at a swinging workshop in Los Angeles this Friday?

Sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko (of ReidAboutSex) has put out a call for participants to be filmed this Friday night, June 15th, in downtown Los Angeles for a major TV show documenting his swinging workshop and play party. He is looking for 10-15 couples, both new to non-monogamy and experienced, who are willing to be filmed for Part2 Pictures. The film crew are also in need of one newbie couple who are interested in swinging but not yet sold on it.

The night will begin at 6:30 p.m. with Reid's two-hour "Plays Well With Others" workshop (which teaches communication and relationship skills for non-monogamous folks), followed by a quick dinner break, and finally, "My First Play Party." Part2 Pictures will document the workshop and the play party, but they won't be filming any explicit nudity. They will also interview willing attendees.

Reid's goal is to showcase ethical non-monogamy in a positive light on national television. He says:

For those of you who know me and know how passionate I am about the media covering sex-positive life in an empowering way with integrity, please know that I used to be a film producer and worked in television years ago, and that I've have several conversations with the producers of this show (you've probably seen or heard of it, btw), and the producers are letting me design the event and influence how they're going to document it. This way, I can ensure that they have footage and soundbites that will showcase The Lifestyle in a positive and informative way.

Read more, including full descriptions of the workshop and play party, at Reid's site. If you wish to RSVP, email Rachael Profiloski at Part2 Pictures at rachael [at] part2pictures [dot] com or call her at 718-797-0581.

Philly psychiatrists educate on polyamory

Recently, a panel of experts convened at a meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Philadelphia and held a session on polyamory. The session was called "Polyamory (responsible non-monogamy), an emerging relationship orientation/presenting issue: Research and clinical information to improve care," and it was quite possibly the first formal discussion about polyamory at a psychiatry convention.

An article for the Philadelphia Inquirer recounts the session. The experts leading the panel were psychiatrist William Slaughter, sociologist Eli Sheff, and psychologist Richard Sprott. Aside from educating the audience on the meanings of words such as "primary," "secondary," "swinging," and "compersion," the experts also explained that the number of poly folks is increasing and discussed why the poly relationship model is not only acceptable, but successful.

A panel of experts at the American Psychiatric Association meeting in Philadelphia last week said that open relationships between more than two people can work, but it requires a lot of talk about rules, boundaries, and time spent with various lovers.

William Slaughter, a psychiatrist in Cambridge, Mass., who has been treating polyamorous patients for about five years, said they need to have very good communication skills and be especially good at "mentalizing" or understanding others' emotional reactions.

. . . The important point for therapists, she said, is that polyamorous families are "not definitionally pathological." While they don't follow conventional morals, they do establish clear ethical codes that emphasize honesty and treating others well.

Read the rest at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Participate in Poly Party Weekend!

Need an excuse for a party this month? Look no further than Poly Party Weekend! For one weekend (or thereabouts -- June 15 through 17th), the organizers invite you to throw or attend a party celebrating polyamory. After last year's successful 16 parties, Poly Party Weekend is hoping to break their own record.

"Party" is a loose term and can encompass anything: a backyard barbeque, a game night, a picnic, a play party, a coffee house discussion group... whatever. As long as it brings poly folks together, it counts! Best of all, once you submit your event to the Poly Party Weekend website, it will be reviewed and approved for all to see.

Or, if you'd rather just attend someone else's shindig, check the listings on the website for local parties. Right now there are events listed for New Hampshire, Georgia, North Carolina, and Washington, as well as international parties in Winnipeg and Toronto.

Polyday 2012 is two weeks away!

Saturday, June 16th marks this year's Polyday, an annual one-day event in the UK. The event will be held at Dragon Hall, a community center in Central London. The day will begin with workshops and discussion sessions relating to non-monogamy, and in the evening, there will be music and socializing.

One of the organizers describes the event as follows:

Polyday is a one-day annual event where we get the chance to celebrate polyamory, and bring together our ever growing community. There will be a day of workshops, and an evening of chilled out socialising in a safe, comfortable space. It's an opportunity to be yourself without worrying about answering awkward questions about your relationships. You get the chance to meet a whole variety of poly people, find out how they do poly, and share the tales of your own adventures in the exciting lovescape we inhabit. It’s a great experience whether you’re new to polyamory, or a weathered old veteran of ethical non-monogamy.

Find out more at the Polyday website. Tickets are £15 can be purchased online.