Poly makes the rounds in Irish press

Polyamory has been the topic of choice in a couple recent articles in Irish newspapers and magazines. The first piece, published in the Herald of Dublin, asks, "Is this the end of fidelity?" The article ponders whether the Irish can accept a concept as progressive as polyamory, and interviews a young poly woman named Alison who does a great job of debunking myths and clarifying confusions.

Hat tip to Randy, organizer of a Dublin poly group, for alerting Alan at Poly in the Media to the second story about three poly folks in the Irish music-focused magazine Hot Press. The article is not available online, but Alan published scans that are available below.

The three subjects -- Ariel, Maki, and Aoife -- talk in depth about communication, crafting the relationship they want, trans and queer identities, jealousy, safe sex, and discrimination in Ireland.

"In polyamory there is no real standard model of relationship," says Maki, "so rather than have any kind of unspoken ideas of what the relationship should be, you really have to communicate — to work out what the relationship is going to be."

. . . Aoife agrees. "Obviously it's nice to have the option to have lots of lovely relationships with more than one person and that's great! But for me, as somebody who has been in poly and mono relationships, one thing that comes through is that we're making it up as we go along. We create the relationship to suit ourselves. Not in a selfish way, but we build a relationship together."

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